Installation and inspection of track systems and rail systems


What are track systems?

Track systems are durable, safety-tested rail systems used for fall arrest and rope access on the roofs and facades of buildings and other tall structures. Using T slots, track systems can easily incorporate safety lines, with simple attachment and adjustment. Track systems are also the most versatile anchoring system because they can be:

  • curved to go with corners or round shapes
  • installed under overhanging structures such as balconies, under atriums, etc
  • attached to nearly any base material, even roof sheeting

Why are track systems so important?

  • Track systems form part of a fall restraint system that allows safe, secure mobility
  • Falls from heights can be potentially fatal
  • The Work Health and Safety Act demands proper fall arrest protection

Looking for the highest quality track systems?

Abseilers United’s height safety technicians can:

  • Inspect, test, and certify your current track systems to be sure they meet regulations —and can suggest improvements if they don’t
  • install new standard or fully customised track systems.

Exceptional work using the finest materials is our priority. Working closely with the leading suppliers of Australian height safety equipment and products, you can feel confident in the excellence of any track systems we install on your structure.

Track Systems
Track Systems for fall protection

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