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At Abseilers United, we perform comprehensive site audits in relation to safe access and fall protection management systems. We ensure that appropriate work and equipment maintenance related to height safety is being carried out in accordance with the government and manufacturers’ recommendations. A height safety audit can be tremendously important for your Miami business.

General Risk Assessment

During your Miami height safety audit, our team will inspect the site and identify and locate foreseeable hazards that could give rise to the risk of fall. A risk report will be developed and addressed in order to eliminate or minimise those risks.

Task Specific Risk Assessment

A risk assessment will be addressed according to the particular task to be performed and/or company protocols and procedures. Generally a site audit will result in an inspection and compliance report of:

  • Roof access
  • Height Safety Systems
  • Ladders
  • Height Safety Equipment

Below there is a sample of questions that are relevant for conducting a site audit:

  • Will the building’s structure support the imposed loads?
  • Are you complying with Workcover and industry best practices?
  • Is the correct PPE combination being used?
  • Are maintenance & inspection records of equipment being used?

If your organisation needs a height safety audit in the Miami area, we hope you’ll choose Florida’s best team: Abseilers United.

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